I have had the amazing fortune to share two and three quarter years with a very special little elderly collie called Heidi who came to me to be fostered. I became a failed fosterer when I adopted her a few weeks later. Admittedly she was very sick, and the most gentle creature I have ever had the pleasure of meeting but she was also blessed with a cast iron will.

Heidi had cancer. I only ever knew her with cancer. It is a word which used to fill me with fear and dread – let’s face it, most people refer to it as the “C” word. Through this little furry creature I learned that it was unnecessary to be afraid of it or the consequences, whatever they were to be.

The prognosis was so poor that there was nothing to lose by taking a holistic approach to her cancer.

The Approach

Chemo is something which never made sense to me. Why knock out the very thing which the body needs to get well again? The immune system, when working optimally, is more than capable of evicting cancer, so with this in mind I set to the task of boosting Heidi’s immunity to the point where it could take over and let all the other modalities have a chance. With the immense knowledge of a wonderful homeopathic vet, Barbara Jones from Oakwood Vets in Oswestry (I love this lady – but you’ll get the gist of this when you read through Heidi’s blog), we went on an incredible trip of highs and lows as we brought together the pieces of the jigsaw which turned into Heidi’s treatment regime.

Building up her little body was at the centre of her regime, hand in hand with two main approaches – CV247 and the Budwig Protocol, supported by homeopathy, herbs, good diet, supplements, communication, love, Tellington TTouch, healing and incredible teamwork.

The pages I’ve written for you are designed to :-

  • show how natural therapies got her well and clear of cancer,
  • demonstrate the strength that love and trust creates,
  • take you on the journey of a small dog with cancer given no prospect of recovery,
  • explain techniques we used to support both Heidi and those who loved her,
  • discuss how animals choose and how to enable the process,
  • introduce the healing power of communication
  • support you with knowledge as well as stories from my little collie
  • tear at your heartstrings, make you cry, and smile, and learn and love.

Initially, all I had for Heidi was acceptance; acceptance that she was to die shortly, but I also had the knowledge that I would love her in the process and be able to keep her comfortable using Tellington TTouch and healing.

This cheeky little dog made a decision that changed our world; she decided to stay, to live and teach me about love and trust. I hope I’m able to share a little of what we learned together.

Read on. I give you no guarantees that tears won’t be shed, nor that if you have a dog with cancer, that your dog will follow the same path as Heidi. It’s hard, gut-wrenchingly hard to face cancer, but I hope you find something here which gives you that little glimmer and the strength to get through each day. The intensity of love we had and still have for Heidi is immense and it was this and her extraordinary nature which got us through.

Why is it called “Heidi’s Still Standing”? The full story will be featured in her blog, but in a nutshell we knew that while she was still able to stand it was her wish to remain. The day she stopped standing was the day she was ready to leave us, and it was exactly how it turned out to be.

This is a love story, and I make no apologies for it.



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  1. Demetri on August 17, 2013 at 4:23 pm said:

    Website shaping up nicely, well done.

    Looking forward to how it develops with info about our lovely friend Heidi

  2. A really good start Rachael, especially with all the problems and learning you have had to deal with. I look forward to discovering more.

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